Prunethis Episode #9: How and why plants grow tall or grow bushy?

Do you ever wonder why plants grow tall or grow bushy? Kathryn discusses the basics of pruning and how plants grow taller or fuller. In this video Kathryn teaches us about two very important pruning terms; apical dominance and auxins. Knowledge of these terms will help all of you plant lovers learn how to trim your plants, where to prune and when to prune. Prune Away!

Prunethis Episode #8: Aralia Care and Varieties

This video is a great guide to plant care and varieties of Aralias. Learn how to care for indoor plants such as balfouriana, parsley, spinach, chicken gizzard, and oak leaf aralias. Kathryn explains watering, fertilizing of delicately rooted plants. Follow these simple plant care instructions your aralias will give you years growth. Enjoy!

Prunethis Episode #7: Guide to Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen. See new varieties and plant care instructions!

Learn all about Aglaonema family otherwise known as Chinese Evergreens. See new varieties that are not even available yet! These plants make excellent office or house plants. They have been hybridized to have magnificent color, heartier stems and are more resistant to insects. This group of plants can grow in moderate to low light and need little watering. These exotic plants are great mainstays in your interior landscaping. Stay tuned for more information as to where to get these plants. Enjoy!

Prunethis Episode #6: Guide to dividing House Plants; Sanseveria, Ferns, Aspidistra

Use this video as a guide to dividing House Plants such as; Sanseveria, Ferns, Aspidistra. Learn to divide house plants with horizontal rhizomes. Kathryn teaches us basic plant care techniques to start new plants. Be a do it yourself pro! These plants are naive to Japan, they are very hardy, and they can withstand neglect and tolerate low light. They are perfect high traffic office plants that make for beautiful interior landscaping. Enjoy!

Prunethis Episode #5: Guide to pruning Dracaena family or Corn plants.

Guide to pruning and care of the Dracaena family or Corn plants. Kathryn shows different varieties of the Dracaena Family commonly called Corn plants. Learn how to prune, trim and fertilize this group of plants. The maintenance of these plants is very basic. They can withstand a lot of neglect. When grown indoors they can go up to six weeks without water. The Dracaena family likes low light and makes excellent decorative plants. Enjoy this video!

Prunethis Episode #4: Guide to what plants can I prune or not?Why palms,sanserveria, bromeliads can not be pruned!

Learn why palms, sanserveria, bromeliads can not be pruned! In this quick clip Kathryn shows us several close ups up of different tropical plants and explains the best way to care for them. No pruning in this video…Enjoy the beautiful close ups and learn how to start new plants yourself!

Prunethis Episode #3: Guide to pruning a weeping fig tree or ficus nitida

Learn the basics of pruning of weeping fig tree or ficus nitida. Kathryn helps us to determine what our goals are for pruning our plants. On this particular tree we want to prune it so it will sprout in places it hasn’t already sprouted. Depending how much you prune off will determine how vigorously the plant will grow. Learn a few simple safety tips for pruning. You won’t believe how much you can clip off to get the tree to be shaped just how you want it to. So – Prune Away without any fear!

Prunethis Episode #2: How to prune a common house plant the Corn Plant

Kathryn demonstrates how to prune a common house plant known as Dracaena Massangeana or the Corn Plant over time so it will always look great. Learn the origin of the plant, how they grow, the best time to prune and how to propagate a new plant yourself. Prune Away!