Prunethis Episode #20: Guide to propagating house plants in water.

In this clip Kathryn guides us through how to propagate houseplants in water. After watching this video you will know which plants root easiest in water and which root best in soil. Kathryn gives tips on containers to use and which plants can live permanently in water. Starting new plants in water is a simple and easy way to Go Green in your home.

Things to remember when rooting plants in water

1.  Make a clean cut with scissors or pruning sheers.
2.  Remove 50% of foliage.
3.  Use any container that can hold water.
4.  Use filtered water when available.
5.  Remember to remove any rotted cuttings and change the water often.
6.  Vine plants can be rooted in water and left permanently in water.
7.  Woodier plants can be rooted in water and should moved to soil at the fist signs of root growth.

Plants that root easily in water

Pathos, Philindentren, Piggyback plant, Coleus, Spider plants, Ivy, Tradescantia

Woody plants can be started in water or directly in soil.

Draceanas, corn plants, Ficus or weeping fig, Dwarf shiffalara, Arboricolas, Aralias, Tleomele, Chinese evergreen aglaonema

How to root plants in water basics PDF