Prunethis Episode #23: How to care for my new tropical plant?

Have you ever bought a plant from your local nursery and had no idea how to care for it? Did you know that almost all the plants you buy at the store are tropical plants? In this quick clip Kathryn gives us tips on how figure out what kind of care our plant needs based on root structure and the color and texture of the foliage. Kathryn provides Step by Step instructions on how to re-pot and maintain your plant through the year. Enjoy!

How to care for a tropical plant.

Plant care tips to remember when you do not know what kind of plant you have.
1. Most plants you buy at local stores are tropical plants and prefer temperatures between 60-80 degrees.
2. Check the color and texture of the leaves. The more colorful the leaves are the more light the plant will need. Many green foliage plants can do well in lower light.
3. To determine how much water your plant needs check the roots. Fine or thin rooted plants need more water more frequently and should not dry out thoroughly. If the roots are thicker you can let the plant dry more thoroughly.
4. Remember it is natural for the plant to lose shed leaves as it adjusts to the changing environmental conditions in your house.
5. Wait until the warmer months to repot your plants.

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