Who is Kathryn?

Meet the New Plant Lady on the web!

Meet the 'New Plant Lady' on the web!

The New Plant Lady on the web is a serial entrepreneur. She is the sole proprietor of Botanicus.com, an interior landscaping company serving Western New York, clients include M&T Bank, the Buffalo Convention Center, and the Frank Lloyd Darwin D. Martin Complex to just name a few.

Carefreegreen.com specializes in creating custom silk foliage plants for your home or office. Kathryn has been working with live plants for most of her life, and because of this experience she has the ability to create botanically correct and extremely realistic fake plants that will look great for many, many years.

Now Kathryn has started Prunethis.com, a website and video guide to plant care, designed for anyone who wants to learn how to care for their plants. Whether you are a life long green thumb or you just want to learn to care for a tropical plant you bought at the store, Prunethis.com will help you to do it yourself. Whether you want to start an indoor garden, prune your corn plant, trim your storm damaged trees or propagate your common ivy in your garden. Maybe you just want to root your cuttings in water. Perhaps you have no desire to do these things, but would still like to watch someone else do it. We won’t judge you at Prunethis.com!

Kathryn is up to her green eyes in plants – tropical plants, houseplants, office plants, trees, ficus trees, palm trees, holiday plants, ivy, and even the high end silk versions of these plants, which she will custom design to meet your interior landscaping needs. Around holiday seasons she even finds time to do holiday decorating all over Western New York. Seriously, she doesn’t sleep. It’s a little scary.

Kathryn started working in the plant business in 1971, starting with a retail store called the Plant Parlour, and expanding to include three retail stores, a wholesale greenhouse and a nursery farm in Florida. In the late ‘80s, she decided to close the retail stores and focus on creating green spaces for corporate clients, including banks, hotels and other large retailers. With over 30 years of experience, Kathryn has a wealth of knowledge she wants to share with the world of plant lovers.

Kathryn was inspired to start Prunethis.com after experiencing the October ice storm of 2006, also known as “arborgeddon,” which left the beautiful landscapes of Western New York ravaged for years to come. From her extensive experience, Kathryn knows that many of these damaged trees could grow back to their original glory if they received the proper care. Prunethis.com can help your trees be all they can be!

Prunethis.com is meant to be a resource where people can learn everything about caring for their plants. If you can’t find what you need to know, please ask! We will work hard to answer questions you may have.

Once you’ve watched Kathy’s videos, your plants are sure to look better than ever! Even the ugly ones you thought would never make it. Remember, the great thing about plants is, they don’t scream when you cut them. Prune Away!