Prunethis Episode #22: Tips for care of house plants in Spring & Summer

Learn to care for house plants in Spring & Summer. Kathryn provides tips on watering, re-potting, trimming, fertilizing, providing adequate sunlight and pruning brown tips. Trim Away! If you follow these simple tips your plants will flourish through the growing season and look great year long. So, prune away!

Things to remember when caring for your house plants in the Spring & Summer

1.  Spring & Summer is the growing season with longer days.  Trim and prune heavily in March and April and lightly prune in June & July.
2.  Check soil more often use the drench and dry method.
3.  Inspect your roots to see if your plants need a slightly larger pot. Spring is the time re-pot.
4.  Use any water soluble fertilizer every 3rd or 4th watering.
5.  Indoor plants should be kept out of direct sun if brought outside.

spring & summer plant care PDF