Prunethis Episode #24: Frank Lloyd Wright Conservatory at the Darwin Martin House

Tour the Frank Lloyd Wright rebuilt Darwin D. Martin Conservatory from the comfort of your own home! See the drip-emitter watering system and learn how to set up your own. You will not believe how inexpensive and easy it is to do. Botanicus has done an amazing job of maintaining these beautiful indoor gardens. The […]

Prunethis Episode #22: Tips for care of house plants in Spring & Summer

Learn to care for house plants in Spring & Summer. Kathryn provides tips on watering, re-potting, trimming, fertilizing, providing adequate sunlight and pruning brown tips. Trim Away! If you follow these simple tips your plants will flourish through the growing season and look great year long. So, prune away!

Things to remember when caring for […]

Prunethis Episode #21: Care of indoor plants in Fall & Winter

Learn to care for indoor plants in Fall & Winter. Remember this time of year is when plants often go into a dormant state because they do not have as many opportunities to photosynthesize. Kathryn provides tips as to when to prune, how to check soil, providing adequate light, what to do about yellowing and […]

Prunethis Episode #14: Weeping Fig Bush Part 1

In this video Kathryn straightens a falling over weeping fig grown in a bush form. This tree hasn’t been trimmed in awhile and definitely needs a trim. Kathryn’s experience with plants shines in this video. She explains how to maintain healthy growth by manipulating light, adding fertilizer and trimming to desired shape. See how helpful […]

Prune this Episode #14: Weeping Fig Bush Part 2

After pruning this unruly weeping fig bush in Part I, Kathryn shows us how to train this plant to grow in the direction we desire. She also shares tips on how to care for your ficus including, watering, fertilizing and providing adequate sun light. More often than not we do not prune as vigorously as […]

Prunethis Episode #13: Guide to transforming an overgrown Weeping Fig or Ficus Benjamin

What are your goals when you prune your ficus tree? Kathryn demonstrates the basics of pruning including some of the tools that really come in handy not just with pruning but with cleaning up your clippings too. You will not believe how much you can trim off your plant to get it to sprout as […]

Prunethis Episode #11: Guide to plant root Cuttings

Kathryn guides us through how to root plant cuttings. Do you have office or house plants to trim? Do you ever wonder what to do with the clippings? Learn how trim your tropical plants in this clip. Kathryn, the New Plant Lady on the web teaches us how to propagates plants. She provides simple steps […]

Prunethis Episode #10: How to Basics of Pruning House Plants

Kathryn demonstrates the basics of pruning of dwarf schefflera. In this video you will find plant care instructions on how to encourage successful new growth on your house plants or office plants. Remember pruning is like getting a hair cut. It does not take to much maintenance to keep your plants healthy. Kathryn shares simple […]

Prunethis Episode #9: How and why plants grow tall or grow bushy?

Do you ever wonder why plants grow tall or grow bushy? Kathryn discusses the basics of pruning and how plants grow taller or fuller. In this video Kathryn teaches us about two very important pruning terms; apical dominance and auxins. Knowledge of these terms will help all of you plant lovers learn how to trim […]

Prunethis Episode #8: Aralia Care and Varieties

This video is a great guide to plant care and varieties of Aralias. Learn how to care for indoor plants such as balfouriana, parsley, spinach, chicken gizzard, and oak leaf aralias. Kathryn explains watering, fertilizing of delicately rooted plants. Follow these simple plant care instructions your aralias will give you years growth. Enjoy!