Prunethis Episode #21: Care of indoor plants in Fall & Winter

Learn to care for indoor plants in Fall & Winter. Remember this time of year is when plants often go into a dormant state because they do not have as many opportunities to photosynthesize. Kathryn provides tips as to when to prune, how to check soil, providing adequate light, what to do about yellowing and browning leaves, fertilizing, over watering. This video has a ton of useful information when it comes to providing the most hospitable environment for your plants – don’t miss it!

Things to remember when caring for your house plants in the
Fall & Winter

1.  Day length is shorter your plants will get less light which means less growth during this time of year. Natural Shedding will occur.
2.  More cloudy weather so less direct sunlight. Try to provide your plants with as much direct window light as possible.
3.  Less water and frequency of watering every 2-4 depending on soil moisture. If it is still wet from your last watering do not water your plants until it is dry.
4.  Night temperature is lower during this time of year plants may go into dormant stage. Fertilizing and Trimming generally is not needed this time of year.

fall & winter plant care PDF