Pointers from the Plant Pros

What is Prunethis.com? It is a place where anyone can come and learn to prune & trim their house plants, office plants, tropical plants, outdoor trees and shrubs, regardless of their level of expertise. We create quick educational videos for you to learn everything you want to learn about plants. Look for helpful care instructions at the end of the videos.

What will you find at Prunethis.com? You will find a series of videos about plant care, including pruning & trimming, maintenance, watering, shaping and fertilizing all different varieties of live plants. Our videos are meant to be used as an educational resource for you to learn to easily and effectively to care for your plants & foliage. We will do our best to make the videos easy to find and understand for all. We hope you’ll find Prunethis.com an indispensable resource to help you and your plants to live healthily and happily. Go Green! Make your house a cleaner and healthier place for you and you family just by adding a few plants!

Who are we? Simply putwe are people who know how to care for plants. You name it; we know it. House plants, tropical plants, outdoor plants, trees, ivy, shrubs, bonsai trees and holiday plants. We are dedicated to helping you learn to care for everything green in your world. We will provide all the tools you need to do it yourself. For more about the brains behind Prunethis.com, please visit the Who is Kathryn page.

Why you should trust us? Check out our videos and you will know why! Not to mention we have only been at this for over thirty years and our consistent Bikram yoga routine keeps us sharper than your average gardener!

How can you help? Please feel free to email us at prunethis (at) yahoo.com with any questions. Suggestions are welcome. Let us know if there is a variety of plant or tree you would like to see pruned. We will do our best to answer all your plant care needs. You can also post comments and questions at our YouTube page.

We hope you enjoy watching our videos! Your five star ratings are appreciated. Prune Away!