Prunethis Episode #19: Care of tree planted too close to my house

In the clip Kathryn discusses how to care for a tree that is planted too close to a house or a building. Often times we plant our gardens without considering how they might grow over time. Step by step instructions are given on how to keep trees looking balanced and growing to suit the vision you have our garden. Prune Away!

Prunethis Episode #18: Care of Shrubs growing up against a house or building?

Do you have shrubs such as Juniper and Arborvitae growing up against a wall of a house or a building? Most landscapers prune these plants to have straight, blunt edges. In this video Kathryn demonstrates skillfully how to prune these shrubs and give them a more natural look. These pruning tips can be used for any type of evergreen grown up against any edge. Oh, Do Prune Away!

Prunethis Episode #17: Burning Bush Pruning & Care

In this clip Kathryn guides us through when and how to trim colorful shrubs and bushes such as burning bush. You will learn to give your shrubs a more natural look and keep them looking great through the seasons. Colorful shrubs and bushes look great year long and are easy to grow. Prune Away!

Prunethis Episode #16: English Ivy Pruning & Care

Common or English Ivy is a very easy plant to grow. In this video Kathryn teaches us how to prune ivy and transplant the clippings. You will not believe how easy it is to keep your ivy looking thick and natural. This clip is full of useful gardening tips that are helpful year round. After watching this video you will know exactly what to do with the ivy growing in your garden. So don’t be afraid of your ivy and Prune Away!

Prunethis Episode #14: Weeping Fig Bush Part 1

In this video Kathryn straightens a falling over weeping fig grown in a bush form. This tree hasn’t been trimmed in awhile and definitely needs a trim. Kathryn’s experience with plants shines in this video. She explains how to maintain healthy growth by manipulating light, adding fertilizer and trimming to desired shape. See how helpful a few pruning tools can be including a soil probe. Prune Away!

Prune this Episode #14: Weeping Fig Bush Part 2

After pruning this unruly weeping fig bush in Part I, Kathryn shows us how to train this plant to grow in the direction we desire. She also shares tips on how to care for your ficus including, watering, fertilizing and providing adequate sun light. More often than not we do not prune as vigorously as we should in this video Kathryn inspires the courage to cut. Enjoy and do not be afraid to encourage growth with your pruning! Prune Away!

Prunethis Episode #13: Guide to transforming an overgrown Weeping Fig or Ficus Benjamin

What are your goals when you prune your ficus tree? Kathryn demonstrates the basics of pruning including some of the tools that really come in handy not just with pruning but with cleaning up your clippings too. You will not believe how much you can trim off your plant to get it to sprout as you wish.

Prunethis Episode #12: How to Prune an Arboricola Dwarf Schefflera

Do you have office plants or trees that need pruning? Are you afraid to trim too much foliage off? Did you know this common house plant can be pruned at any inner nod and it will sprout? Kathryn makes pruning easy in this video. By placing the tree or house plant you are pruning on another planter or flower pot you can easily turn the plant as you prune. Kathryn has over 30 years of experience pruning plants. Watch how she prunes this tree in just minutes. You too can do it yourself! Prune Away!

Prunethis Episode #11: Guide to plant root Cuttings

Kathryn guides us through how to root plant cuttings. Do you have office or house plants to trim? Do you ever wonder what to do with the clippings? Learn how trim your tropical plants in this clip. Kathryn, the New Plant Lady on the web teaches us how to propagates plants. She provides simple steps on how to get new growth in weeks. It is easy to do it yourself. Prune Away!

Prunethis Episode #10: How to Basics of Pruning House Plants

Kathryn demonstrates the basics of pruning of dwarf schefflera. In this video you will find plant care instructions on how to encourage successful new growth on your house plants or office plants. Remember pruning is like getting a hair cut. It does not take to much maintenance to keep your plants healthy. Kathryn shares simple green thumb guidelines in this clip. Stay tuned!