Prunethis Episode #25: How to identify ferns by there spore patterns at the FLW Darwin Martin House

Kathryn walks us through the FLW rebuilt Darwin D. Martin Conservatory where Botanicus Interior Landscaping has designed, donated and maintains the indoor gardens. Learn how to identify spore patterns on different varieties of ferns such as a rabbit’s foot fern, a Boston fern, a staghorn fern and a bird’s nest fern. The great close up […]

Prunethis Episode #7: Guide to Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen. See new varieties and plant care instructions!

Learn all about Aglaonema family otherwise known as Chinese Evergreens. See new varieties that are not even available yet! These plants make excellent office or house plants. They have been hybridized to have magnificent color, heartier stems and are more resistant to insects. This group of plants can grow in moderate to low light and […]