Prunethis Episode #24: Frank Lloyd Wright Conservatory at the Darwin Martin House

Tour the Frank Lloyd Wright rebuilt Darwin D. Martin Conservatory from the comfort of your own home! See the drip-emitter watering system and learn how to set up your own. You will not believe how inexpensive and easy it is to do. Botanicus has done an amazing job of maintaining these beautiful indoor gardens. The […]

Prunethis Episode #13: Guide to transforming an overgrown Weeping Fig or Ficus Benjamin

What are your goals when you prune your ficus tree? Kathryn demonstrates the basics of pruning including some of the tools that really come in handy not just with pruning but with cleaning up your clippings too. You will not believe how much you can trim off your plant to get it to sprout as […]

Prunethis Episode #7: Guide to Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen. See new varieties and plant care instructions!

Learn all about Aglaonema family otherwise known as Chinese Evergreens. See new varieties that are not even available yet! These plants make excellent office or house plants. They have been hybridized to have magnificent color, heartier stems and are more resistant to insects. This group of plants can grow in moderate to low light and […]